The Five Lowest Glycemic Fruits!

I have discovered the five lowest glycemic fruits!

The lower a foods glycemic index is, the less it affects your blood sugar and insulin levels. Correct? Well, read on!

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We have always heard that a low glycemic food is good for you, and a high glycemic food is not. But that does not always hold true and sad to say, we miss out on a lot of fruits and veggies that are good for us!

But, did you know there is a difference between the glycemic index and the glycemic load of a food?

I sure didn’t!

It’t true that a food with a high glycemic level will increase your risk for diabetes and weight gain, but what promotes higher insulin levels are foods with a high glycemic load!

The glycemic load is calculated by multiplying the glycemic index of a food by the amount of carbs in a 10 gram portion of food. 

Let’s take boiled beets for example.

Boiled beets have a GI of 64. But their GL is only 6.3!
VS. shredded wheat has a GI of 69 but the GL is 57!

Here’s an article that really helped me understand a lot better and goes into more detail! >>>  Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load” of foods.

It’s good to educate ourselves because it enables us to walk in a greater level of freedom!

In the meantime let’s look at the 5 lowest glycemic fruits… glycemic load that is!

1/2 cup   |   glycemic Index (GI)    |    glycemic load (GL)

  1. Apricot, fresh (excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, & beta carotene) – 57 GI | 3 GL
  2. Grapefruit (high in vitamin C, A, fiber, & potassium) – 25 GI | 3 GL
  3. Lime (juice of 1 medium lime | great source vitamin C) – 1 (GL)
  4. Strawberry (excellent source of vitamin C & manganese) – 40 GI  |  1.5 GL
  5. Lemon (juice of 1 medium lemon | great source vitamin C) – 3

Note: a GL over 20 is considered high while 11 – 19 is average and under 11 is considered low.

So enjoy your fruits and veggies and be aware of those processed foods
have a low GI but a high GL! 

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