Take a Rest Test – One Simple Question!


Rest… is definitely not a familiar word to me.

I grew up hearing my grandma talking about her dad coming in from the field and if you weren’t working “you were to act like you were”! There was no such thing as freedom from activity on the family farm!

Plus being in a home with four sisters, how do you think resting played into that equation for my mom? As for my dad… Ha! My dad is a hard worker. Never do I remember him having a sick day. One time he broke his ankle on the job. He propped his leg up on the side of his backhoe and finished out his day. It was only after he finished his day working, that he went to the Doctors! The next day? He was back at work, climbed up on his backhoe — cast and all. 

Now I have a family of my own, and hearing the word “rest” still puts a puzzled look on my face.

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Learning to respect rest is one area I am working on. (ha, no pun intended!)

What about you? What does rest look like in your family? 

Try taking my “REST TEST” and see what you discover about yourself!

Ask yourself one simple question.

Why am I afraid to rest?

Write down every thought that comes to mind and be gut honest!

Here is what I discovered about me…

  • I’m not pulling my load.
  • I feel guilty.
  • I feel something bad might happen.
  • I’m afraid of missing out on something?
  • Others will think I am lazy.
  • If I don’t work, I don’t eat!

This simple TEST reveals so much about the condition of my heart. I see my lack of trust – with God & others. Plus I see…

  • I’m consumed with what people think.
  • A fear based thinking!
  • I need a new perspective of who God is!
  • What I have been believing, I have been empowering!

No wonder I’m exhausted! My thought life has been non-stop, building a wall that re-enforces my in-ability to respect rest.

My heart’s cry is Psalm 116:7.

Psalm 116:7 Return to your rest my soul, for the Lord has been good to you! 

Other great ways I am learning to respect rest is with a cleanse. A cleanse allows you to rest physically, calm your mind mentally, bring healing emotionally and always enables you to grow spiritually.

For starters try my 3 Day Cleanse by clicking HERE!

My husband Bob’s blog post “3 Keys to Increase” is also another way to begin implementing rest into your  life.

So, why am I afraid to rest?

  • What did you discover? 
  • What are some changes you could make?
  • How can you begin making those changes today?

Comment your discoveries below!

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8 Replies to “Take a Rest Test – One Simple Question!”

  1. Funny as I read this I am in bed just waking up from a nap! God is teaching me the art of rest. He speaks and empowers as I rest in him.

    1. Debi is this you?!!!

  2. This surly is the subject for me – to work on it right now. Today, I have decided to stay at home, go to the doctor after 5 days struggling with infection and fever but going to work as I am the “responsible’ one.I could say yes for every point you wrote answering the question Why am I afraid to rest?

    1. Ania,
      May the truth of His word continue to sink deep into the crevices of your heart! I pray for healing inside and out as you seek the doctors wisdom – both in the natural and spiritual!

  3. What a wonderful question. Some answers are really hard to admit to. especially the feeling of worthless when my job of cleanliness of our home rises up. So at 4:42 this am. I am going to choose to read the word instead of mopping and laundry that keeps going over in my mind.

    1. Kim,
      Your transparency brings freedom to ME! Thanks for sticking your gut honest heart out there… may you continue to soar with the Holy Spirit- body, soul & spirit!

  4. […] 4. Rest: Learning the art of rest (and getting plenty of it) is definitely a discipline and an area of my life I must apply! Take this “Rest Test” by asking yourself one simple question >>> HERE! […]

  5. […] 3. Not enough sleep: Nailed again! A well rested body will function better than one that is totally exhausted. Being mentally and emotionally drained doesn’t help either. Change: Your thought life plays a major role in putting your body at rest. If your thought life works overtime (like mine!) you will tend to re-enforce your inability to respect rest. If you haven’t done so yet, take the simple one question rest test and get to the root of why! >>>> REST TEST!  […]

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