Smoothie Celebration Recipe #3 – Turmeric Blast Frosty

turmeric smoothie

Smoothie celebration recipe #3 is here! You are going to flip (I did!) with excitement over the main ingredient in this Frosty Smoothie! Turmeric! But before I share my “Turmeric Blast Frosty” recipe with you, let’s talk about what all the rave is on turmeric! Did you know turmeric is … anti-inflammatory (may ease joint swelling & rheumatoid […]

Smoothie Celebration Recipe #2- Ginger Vanilla Frosty

Smoothie celebration at it’s best with today’s special smoothie ingredient – fresh ginger! But before I share my “Ginger Vanilla Frosty” recipe with you, let’s talk ginger. Fresh, spicy, and pungent ginger! Did you know… Ginger is an herb? (that is new to me!) Helps prevent motion sickness (even better than over the counter products!) Helps […]

Smoothie Celebration Recipe #1- Cranberry Almond Frosty

This is a smoothie celebration and today’s special smoothie ingredient is the cranberry! In honor of the cranberry let’s begin our celebration by learning how to make a “Cranberry Almond Frosty”! But first… Did you know cranberries are… related to the blueberry? easy to freeze and of course famous for helping prevent and treat urinary tract […]

Kefir Baby Smoothie – Goes Green

Kefir grains – go green (at least in my kitchen)!   We are lovin our home-made water kefir grains so much that I now call them my “kefir babies”! 🙂 Just look how nice and plump they are… and the taste? Well, they are mild in taste and the texture is like steamed cauliflower but a bit chewier.  (I would […]