7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 6 – GREEN

Today’s Rainbow Cleanse Day 6 color is GREEN!  Green symbolizes…Growth, new beginnings, healing & rest Our Rainbow Cleanse Day 6, welcomes you to new beginnings as you pursue to reclaim your health – from a posture of rest. There is no better time than the present, so let’s explore! 1. Choose your level of cleanse […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 – RED

Today’s 7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 is all about RED!  Red symbolizes redemption, courage, cleansing, and sacrifice. Wow! We could go in so many directions with the meaning of the color red… Redemption – being delivered from, rescued, bought back… Courage – to face difficult danger or pain without fear, brave Cleansing – to […]

Smoothie Celebration Recipe #3 – Turmeric Blast Frosty

turmeric smoothie

Smoothie celebration recipe #3 is here! You are going to flip (I did!) with excitement over the main ingredient in this Frosty Smoothie! Turmeric! But before I share my “Turmeric Blast Frosty” recipe with you, let’s talk about what all the rave is on turmeric! Did you know turmeric is … anti-inflammatory (may ease joint swelling & rheumatoid […]

Smoothie Celebration Recipe #2- Ginger Vanilla Frosty

Smoothie celebration at it’s best with today’s special smoothie ingredient – fresh ginger! But before I share my “Ginger Vanilla Frosty” recipe with you, let’s talk ginger. Fresh, spicy, and pungent ginger! Did you know… Ginger is an herb? (that is new to me!) Helps prevent motion sickness (even better than over the counter products!) Helps […]