7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse Day 3: Your pH Balance Is Key

Your pH Balance is key! Think about it… life is full of balance and is very necessary for optimal health; from inhaling to exhaling, ingesting toxins to releasing toxins, working to resting, absorbing food and eliminating food, and yes, even love has a balance…receiving it and giving it away! So it is with our pH […]

7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse: Amp Up With High-Alkaline Recipes!

Amp Up With High-Alkaline Recipes! These high-alkaline recipes will help increase your energy & jump-start your metabolism, while amping up your overall health to a whole new level – body, soul & spirit! But as with any cleanse, you are going to experience detoxification. So take it slow and aim for 80/20; an intake of […]

7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse: 3 Things You Need To Do First!

A High-Alkaline Cleanse… It’s time to prepare!  Before I tell you the 3 things you need to do to begin your 7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse, let’s first talk about… What is an Alkaline Cleanse?! An alkaline cleanse involves a healthy diet well-balanced with acidifying and alkalizing foods. Your body is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.35 […]

7 Day High-Alkaline Diet: A Cleanse That Will Change Your Life!

High-alkaline Diet

A high-alkaline diet is a cleanse that is circulating the internet world! Do you think this is another fad diet that will come and go with all the others? Is it another marketing scheme to get you to buy more supplements? Or is it a cleanse that will actually “change your life”?! I’m not for sure but […]