Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon – Take a Sneak Peak!

Take a sneak peak at what other Sweet Encounter weekends have looked like! Because I am so excited about tomorrow… I can hardly wait! So I wanted to give you a sneak peak into what other “Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon” weekends have looked like… click and watch! Every Sweet Encounter is so unique and one-of-a-kind, […]

Discover Your Body Cycle & Lose Weight – [teaching video]!

Discovering your body cycle is key… …key to losing those unwanted pounds, trimming your belly fat and maintaining optimal health! Whether you realize it or not your cycle is going on at all times and can be more intense during certain hours of the day. But when you discover this natural cycle and learn to flow […]

7-Day Chia Challenge – Day 3: Give-A-Way!

DAY 3 CHIA CHALLENGE – It’s time for a Give-A-Way! But first, let’s talk about presentation. I am all about presentation. Especially when it comes to my desserts! I will go the extra mile to carefully arrange my colorful desserts on beautiful platters, into fancy glasses and on 3-tier servers to “wow’ my guests. Nothing brings […]