Cleansing Prayers for Your Children & Grandchildren!

Cleansing Prayers for our children

Cleansing prayers for your children and grandchildren will not be wasted, forgotten, or pointless.  If you have already experienced my detoxes, you will know they are more than just physical cleanses for only you. They are detoxes that have the potential to change the course of history. When we set time aside to cleanse, pray, rest, […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 6 – GREEN

Today’s Rainbow Cleanse Day 6 color is GREEN!  Green symbolizes…Growth, new beginnings, healing & rest Our Rainbow Cleanse Day 6, welcomes you to new beginnings as you pursue to reclaim your health – from a posture of rest. There is no better time than the present, so let’s explore! 1. Choose your level of cleanse […]

Detox Challenge 7 – Loofah Your Skin!

Detox Challenge 7 – Loofah your skin!  Did you know your skin is your largest organ for elimination? During a cleanse, it is very important to give your skin a break from being overtaxed with lotions, creams, soaps and perfumes that are laden with chemicals. For today’s challenge… I want you to loofah your skin! This will […]