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Nature's Candy

Eat Clean Tip #6: Nature’s Candy – a Sweet Alternative!

Nature’s candy is a sweet alternative in my kitchen, when it comes to learning to eat clean. But, what happens when your definition of nature’s candy has always meant Great Mom’s home-made sugar cookies, Granny’s made-from-scratch gingerbread men, or my mom’s famous apple crisp? Three generations of sweets. Why? Because desserts were always a big deal around our […]

Cleansing Prayers for our children

Cleansing Prayers for Your Children & Grandchildren!

Cleansing prayers for your children and grandchildren will not be wasted, forgotten, or pointless.  If you have already experienced my detoxes, you will know they are more than just physical cleanses for only you. They are detoxes that have the potential to change the course of history. When we set time aside to cleanse, pray, rest, […]

Stop, Look, and Listen

21 Day Detox Day 13 – Stop, Look, and Listen

Stop, look, and listen, is the challenge today! Stop, look, and listen. Reminds me of when my sister and I would come to a crossing in the road and my mom without hesitation would say…stop, look both ways girls, and listen! Today I want you to do the same. But instead of listening for cars […]

21 Day Detox Day 7 – Belly Up!

Belly Up is what your goldfish looks like when it dies or your business when it goes bankrupt! That belly up is not the kind of belly upping we are talking about today! Today’s belly talk is – your momma’ and two things you learned from her that have the potential to create toxic relationships or build […]


21 Day Detox Day 2 – More Than a Sacrifice!

Sacrifice. Surrender. Give up.  These words describe exactly what you have done by committing to the Ultimate 21 Day Detox! You have made a sacrifice. But at the same time, there is so much more to this cleanse then the act of sacrificing certain foods & drinks. Here’s why At times, there are some who use […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 5 – BLUE

Today’s Rainbow Cleanse color Day 5 is BLUE!  Blue symbolizes… hope, healing, grace, freedom & overcoming!  How cool is that for a meaning of a color! Reminds me of when I was a little girl, I was told over and over… “Kelly your blood runs just as blue as any body else’s”! I will tell […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 – RED

Today’s 7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 is all about RED!  Red symbolizes redemption, courage, cleansing, and sacrifice. Wow! We could go in so many directions with the meaning of the color red… Redemption – being delivered from, rescued, bought back… Courage – to face difficult danger or pain without fear, brave Cleansing – to […]

21 Day Surprise Detox Challenge!

A 21 Day “SURPRISE” Detox Challenge is our next adventure together! Beginning April 1-21! You are going to love it. (I sure am as I prepare for it!)  I can’t tell you yet what each day holds – because it’s a surprise. So you will just have to trust me! But what I can tell you is this… […]

What is Cleansing – Body, Soul & Spirit?

What is Cleansing? We spend so much of our energy cleansing our external environment such as our homes, cars, clothes, bodies, skin, nails and hair, but we spend very little time to cleanse our internal environment; our kidneys, blood, intestines etc. Not to mention our emotions that have so much to do with our mental and […]

colon cleansers

The Best Colon Cleanse I Have Found!

The Best Colon Cleanse I have found are the following two amazing products! A Colon cleanse.. I know, I know, NO ONE really wants to talk about a colon cleanse… but it’s something everyone wants to know about and is afraid to ask! So it’s a must to talk about – especially while on a  fast. During […]