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What is Cleansing – Body, Soul & Spirit?

What is Cleansing? We spend so much of our energy cleansing our external environment such as our homes, cars, clothes, bodies, skin, nails and hair, but we spend very little time to cleanse our internal environment; our kidneys, blood, intestines etc. Not to mention our emotions that have so much to do with our mental and […]

colon cleansers

The Best Colon Cleanse I Have Found!

The Best Colon Cleanse I have found are the following two amazing products! A Colon cleanse.. I know, I know, NO one really wants to talk about a colon cleanse, but on the other hand, everyone wants to know! So it’s a must to talk about – especially while on a  fast. During a fast your bodily […]


Is Fasting An Option Or a Choice?

Is fasting an option or a choice?  Well No and Yes. Is fasting an option or a choice? Technically the words “option and choice” are synonymous , but I see a difference. No fasting is not an option, but yes we do have a choice. Jesus did not use a conditional word such as “if” in Matthew 6:16 but He did use […]

Detoxification – More Than a Physical Experience

When detoxification begins to take place physically - you will most likely experience it! Headaches, fever, aches, indigestion, congestion, skin rashes, dizziness, just to name a few! During a fast of any kind your body will kick in and begin “to remove poisons from within”. Depending on the type of fast you are doing will depend on the level of detoxification you experience. But […]

Encounter Love – body, soul & spirit!

 “Freedom Quest International” is more than just a non-profit ministry that travels to the nations. FQI was birthed out of the discovery of our own emotional brokenness and how it was affecting every area of our lives – body, soul & spirit. We realize (now more than ever!) unless properly processed, our childhood perceptions and trauma very much carry over into our […]

Do You Fast for Spiritual Reasons or Physical?

During my last fast I was asked that very question… “Are you fasting for spiritual reasons or physical?” What a stimulating question! In the last 13 or more years of journaling all my fasts, I have discovered you cannot separate the two! The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica… 5:23  May the God of peace himself […]

Day 17 – “Is Your Heart Circumcised?”

In my last post, “Words…What Do Yours Communicate?” God was dealing with my MOUTH and is not done today on Day 17! The only difference is He is just going a bit deeper and dealing with my heart – the place my words come from!  “Kelly Parr… It’s time for a circumcision – circumcision of your heart!” Yes… circumcision is a painful experience, but […]

Day 6 – What Do Your Words Communicate?

Fasting: Day 6  Physical fact… One of the normal channels of elimination during a fast are the lungs. Dry cough congestion coughing up mucus bad breath This is just what my lungs have been up to - detoxing. For the last 4 days, I have had this dry unproductive cough and not able to speak! Every time I try to, I begin […]

Session III – “The Bride Awakens….What Does She See?”

 Oh my… do you remember your first morning waking up as a new bride? Or perhaps for some of you it is only in the dreaming stages as you are not even married yet! :)  Now I know this sounds strange but after being married to Bob for about a year, I can remember waking up […]

Session II – “In Hot Pursuit of a Bride!”

The Bridal Pursuit…             We have transitioned from our first “Sweet Encounter” session where we took  a “Peek into the Bridal Chamber”.  Now we begin to enter into our second session “The Bridal Pursuit!”            The chase is on!              In this session we unfold the first two chapters of “Song of Solomon” a little bit deeper. Just look at how boy pursues girl; He dines […]