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Secret to Successful Gardening

Detox Challenge 21: #1 Secret to Successful Gardening!

#1 Secret to Successful Gardening!  The #1 secret to successful gardening is –  your soil! The first and most important thing a garden needs is strong and healthy soil. Just imagine the last 21 Days as being 21 seeds that you have planted in the soil of your life. Some may take root while others might not. But […]

tend your garden

Detox Challenge 17: Tend Your Garden!

Detox Challenge 17: Tend Your Garden! Today’s challenge “Tend Your Garden” will be a day to take time to process and journal a few highlights of what has taken place in “your garden” the past 16 days. We have covered a lot, so I want to give you plenty of time to digest and assimilate […]

21 Day Surprise Detox Challenge!

A 21 Day “SURPRISE” Detox Challenge is our next adventure together! Beginning April 1-21! You are going to love it. (I sure am as I prepare for it!)  I can’t tell you yet what each day holds – because it’s a surprise. So you will just have to trust me! But what I can tell you is this… […]

7 – Day Soul Cleanse: Day 5 – A Renewed Soul

A renewed soul doesn’t happen over night. It’s a process. Isn’t it? It takes daily commitment, time and perseverance to mature in this area. It’s a journey so enjoy! Our soul will reflect whom we serve. Our soul will reflect what we believe. Our soul will reflect what we say to ourselves and about ourselves. […]

7-Day Soul Cleanse: Day 1 – A Satisfied Soul

A Satisfied Soul  Are you a woman with a satisfied soul? You are at peace in your mind, content in your emotions and feeling happy with choices you have made and are making? Or have you found yourself, much like me at times, becoming weary, restless, dissatisfied and can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s […]

What is Cleansing – Body, Soul & Spirit?

What is Cleansing? We spend so much of our energy cleansing our external environment such as our homes, cars, clothes, bodies, skin, nails and hair, but we spend very little time to cleanse our internal environment; our kidneys, blood, intestines etc. Not to mention our emotions that have so much to do with our mental and […]

colon cleansers

The Best Colon Cleanse I Have Found!

The Best Colon Cleanse I have found are the following two amazing products! A Colon cleanse.. I know, I know, NO one really wants to talk about a colon cleanse, but on the other hand, everyone wants to know! So it’s a must to talk about – especially while on a  fast. During a fast your bodily […]

journaling part III

Is Fasting An Option Or a Choice?

Is fasting an option or a choice?  Well No and Yes. Is fasting an option or a choice? Technically the words “option and choice” are synonymous , but I see a difference. No fasting is not an option, but yes we do have a choice. Jesus did not use a conditional word such as “if” in Matthew 6:16 but He did use […]

Detoxification – More Than a Physical Experience

When detoxification begins to take place physically – you will most likely experience it! Headaches, fever, aches, indigestion, congestion, skin rashes, dizziness, just to name a few! During a fast of any kind your body will kick in and begin “to remove poisons from within”. Depending on the type of fast you are doing will depend on the level of detoxification you experience. But […]

Encounter Love – body, soul & spirit!

 “Freedom Quest International” is more than just a non-profit ministry that travels to the nations. FQI was birthed out of the discovery of our own emotional brokenness and how it was affecting every area of our lives – body, soul & spirit. We realize (now more than ever!) unless properly processed, our childhood perceptions and trauma very much carry over into our […]