7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse Day 6: 5 Most Unusual Alkaline Foods!

The Top 5 (at least to me!) of the Most Unusual High-Alkaline foods! You must try them at least once! Why? Because I love challenging you to go another step further, out of the box, down a different aisle of the grocery store, visit an Asian market, or anywhere just to awaken and expand your taste buds! […]

7 Day High-Alkaline Diet: A Cleanse That Will Change Your Life!

High-alkaline Diet

A high-alkaline diet is a cleanse that is circulating the internet world! Do you think this is another fad diet that will come and go with all the others? Is it another marketing scheme to get you to buy more supplements? Or is it a cleanse that will actually “change your life”?! I’m not for sure but […]