Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon – Did You Know?

Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon is just around the corner!

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But wait!

Did you know…

– There are 117 verses in Song of Solomon?
– A Jew could not read it privately until 30 years of age!
– It was read by Jews publicly on the 8th day of Passover!
– It’s a love song not only to be sung but to be experienced!
– It was written in the form of Hebrew poetry… (how cool is that!)
– PLUS you can begin preparing today!


If you are attending the October 17 Sweet Encounter, begin to prepare your heart by reading Song of Solomon right now! If you have not registered yet… click here for details ===> Sweet Encounter Comes to Sarasota!

Now you can begin reading…

1st Read: read it through without stopping.
2nd Read: read it out loud.

Do this everyday until we meet on Saturday October 17!
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  • Bring a side dish containing one or more ingredients from Song of
    Solomon. (It could be fruit platter, colorful salad, nuts or seeds!)
  • Bring note paper/notebook and colored pens/pencils.
  • The handouts including the text of Song of Solomon will be prepared for you!
  • No registration fee but you will have opportunity to give to missions!
  • Childcare is not provided


Email info@freedomquestinternational.org to confirm your seat!

Whoop whoop, we are going to have a Sweet Encounter time!

PS. If you have any questions email  info@freedomquestinternational.org!
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  1. My Darling Kelly! I would so love to be there & experience You and the Group… but, I have a commitment every Saturday in October! (Learning to open an Etsy Store!!) XOXO

    1. Oh well maybe next time! Tell me what all you learn about Etsy! 🙂 xo

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