Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon Comes to Sarasota!

Sweet Encounter with Song Of Solomon coming to Sarasota, FL!
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Whether you have attended a Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon meeting or not… you will be in for a special treat either way! I get so excited calling women together like this because each Sweet Encounter is so unique and tailor-made. You never know what might happen – but I know one thing for sure –  it will be good. Real good. I mean…. REALLY GOOD!

Prepare for worship, prayer, journaling, & inductive bible teaching. But above all prepare to receive from the One whose heart beats with passion behind this love song. A song not only to be sung but to be experienced!

October 17, 2015
10am – 4pm

712 Tropical Circle
Sarasota, FL.


  • No registration cost
  • BUT you must email info@freedomquestinternational.org to guarantee your seat!
  • Opportunity for missions offering will be provided
  • Childcare is not provided
  • This Sweet Encounter is taking place in a home so there is LIMITED SEATING!


  • Prepare your heart by reading Song of Solomon right now!
  • Bring a side dish containing one or more ingredients from Song of Solomon
  • Bring note paper/notebook and colored pens/pencils
  • Handouts will be given including the text of Song of Solomon

Limited Seating so register today!

You may register by emailing info@freedomquestinternational.org
This particular Sweet Encounter will be held in a beautiful home on Siesta Key, so there is limited seating.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, because we are going to have a Sweeeeet Encounter time!

Email info@freedomquestinternational.org to save you a seat!

PS. If you have any questions leave a comment or email info@freedomquestinternational.org!

5 Replies to “Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon Comes to Sarasota!”

  1. We don’t get to fla. Till January till April. I hopes you will have another one that I can attend. Debbie long

    1. I thought I respond to this via my iPhone but I don’t see it now! Perhaps we will have another Sweet Encounter at the first of the year as long as we have a location to hold it! 🙂

  2. Olivia Trevino says: Reply

    Hi Kelly, am I on your list for the Song of Solomon for Oct. 17? I signed up last week.
    God bless, Olivia Trevino

    1. Yes Olivia I just double checked and you are! I was having problems with the link but it seems to be working now. Is the Sweet Encounter the only think you checked? It says you checked the box to receive my husbands devotional blog posts too?… but I think that is where the problem was so I can remove you from that list. Let me know!

  3. […] If you are attending the October 17 Sweet Encounter, begin to prepare your heart by reading Song of Solomon right now! If you have not registered yet… click here for details ===> Sweet Encounter Comes to Sarasota! […]

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