Juice Fast in the Dead of Winter Calls for Summertime Heat!

A Juice Fast in the Dead of Winter Calls for Summertime Heat!

A juice fast in the dead of winter calls for something spicy and gingery. Something that will warm me up from the inside out! Besides, who wants to sip on juice fast Follow Me on Pinterest a cold green juice during a winter blizzard? Not me! My body is craving drinks that will warm me from head to toe not turn me into an ice sickles!

A Juice fast in the summertime is easier than a juice fast in the wintertime. But then fasting isn’t about our comfort is it? I am beginning to see that there is more that needs to “die” during this winter fast –  first thing being my attitude. Fasting has a way of exposing your heart and revealing areas in your life that need to be nailed to the cross.

Thinking of the cold, I’m reminded of being in Indonesia and trying to get used to taking cold bucket baths –  even though I was in the tropical heat!  (Funny because I even cut my hair real short so as to bath quicker.) Bob would repeatedly tell me “Kelly, think hot, think hot”! But no matter how hot it was during the day, by late evenings after the sun had set, it would be a tad bit chilly. The locals always said the heat of the day would warm the water tanks. Well not for this girl! The water temperature would never seem warm enough for me. I always struggled with getting used to taking those cold, chilly bucket baths!

Just like trying to take cold bucket baths in Asia, I find it very hard to drink cold drinks in the wintertime! So how is a girl to warm up on this juice fast?

I’m going to create some “Summertime Heat”! A juice full of ginger and cayenne pepper is exactly what I need to heat up these bones!

Summertime Heat

1 cucumber, chopped
1 lemon, peeled
3 celery stalks
1 pear, peeled
1/2 – 1 inch piece of ginger root
1 kiwi, peeled
handful of dandelion greens
a dash of cayenne pepper

Juice cucumber, lemon, celery, pear and ginger in a juicer. Pour into a high-powered blender, add kiwi, dandelion greens and pepper blending well. Enjoy!

*If dandelion greens are not in season, kale is a great alternative!

This “Summertime Heat” will definitely get your blood moving!

Staying warm,
Kelly 🙂

PS. This green juice and more are found in my new book “Sweet Encounter with Raw Desserts’!

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