Smoothie for Breakfast Promotes Weight Loss!

smoothie for breakfast

A smoothie for breakfast may be just the jolt you need to help lose weight! smoothie for breakfast Follow Me on Pinterest

A smoothie for breakfast like parsley, cucumber, apple, lime and spirulina and added fiber,  will begin to help turn the scales in your favor! Smoothies provide you with lasting energy and there is very few dishes to clean up!

Consequently, choosing a bowl of sugary, low fiber, refined, empty calorie foods or a plate of fried and processed foods will deplete you of energy, leaving you feeling sluggish before your day gets started! Your immune system weakens, belly weight occurs, a risk of chronic diseases increase, you are left feeling hungry and… have a sink full of dirty dishes!

Oh and yogurt for breakfast? Don’t let the flavored ones fool you. Check out 6 yogurt mistakes that could be making you gain weight instead of lose weight!

Why does a smoothie for breakfast promote weight loss?

    Between 4am – 12 noon your body focuses on eliminating. Therefore drinking a smoothie during these hours works with your body cycle, not against it. When you discover your body cycle and the proper foods to eat, you can’t help but shed a few pounds! To discover 2 other stages of your body cycle >>> CLICK HERE
    When making a smoothie in a high-powered blender, the blender does all the chewing for you, lightening the burden on your digestion system as you assimilate valuable nutrients more easily and quickly.”Breaking-fast” with a smoothie enables you to consume your daily allowance of veggies and fruits.  That helps eliminate all the extra calories of high fat, low fiber processed foods – promoting weight loss!
    A smoothie without fiber can leave you feeling hungry within an hour. So by adding fiber such as flaxseed meal, chiaseeds or hempseed to your smoothies prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol and leaves you feeling full and satisfied throughout your morning until lunch!
    Check out the fiber in these seeds…
    * 2 tablespoons flax-meal =4 grams
    * 1 tablespoons chia seed = 5 grams
    * 2 tablespoon hempseed = 2 grams
    Make a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow morning and begin turning the scales in your favor.
    Happy Cleansing!

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    Do you use spiraling tablets or powder? What is the biggest benefit you see from spiraling? Thanks!!

    1. Hey Paula!

      I use spirulina powder. Johnna uses the tabs. It is high in protein and great source of B Vit!

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