Session III – “The Bride Awakens….What Does She See?”

Bride Awakens!

 Oh my… do you remember your first morning waking up as a new bride? Or perhaps for some of you it is only in the dreaming stages as you are not even married yet! 🙂  Now I know this sounds strange but after being married to Bob for about a year, I can remember waking up one morning, looking at him and saying… 

“Wow, I am really married!” 

Yes it took one year to realize this. For some reason (I am sure it didn’t have anything to do with the pain from my past – Ha!) I just could not get it from my head to my heart that I was truly married! 

Whether you are married, single, divorced or widowed, in this Session III of a “Sweet Encounter” you will definitely become “spiritually” awakened.
It is only then you realize who is truly pursuing you! 

In Session I we took a “Peek into the Bridal Chamber!
In Session II it was all about being  “In Hot Pursuit of a Bride!” 

Now in Session III as “The Bride Awakens” we will discover from the text of Song of Solomon how the Bride…
1. Becomes aware of her surroundings
2. Discovers the season she is in
3. Recognizes the neglect of her own garden

Every “Sweet Encounter” is unique as the Holy Spirit moves differently in each one… but one thing we will discover for sure is…. 

It takes a demonstrated love to awaken love in order to experience that love! 

Come, let’s experience together a love that pursues as “The Bride Awakens!”

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