Session I – “A Peek into the Bridal Chamber”

In the earlier post I gave an overview of what a “Sweet Encounter” is all about!

Now let me give you a “taste” of what unfolds in our  first Session of the greatest love song ever … Song of Solomon!

We will observe:
* Historical background
* Three popular views
* The value of journaling a time-line

Then dare we draw a little closer to take a “Peek into the Bridal Chamber?”  
…on the verge of entering in, what do your eyes behold? What does your heart anticipate?  Is this a place you have eagerly awaited – longed to experience?   Or is this a place where you turn and run in panic as memories flood your heart – reminding you of past pain,  fear and abuse? 

Just a peek is all it takes to stir emotions and expose hearts.

Just one glance will mirror back to us our own spiritual and emotional level of maturity as we…

Whoaaaaa! STOP!  I am about to give away the teaching! 🙂

Let’s just say… you will have a weekend of entering into a safe place. A place of intimacy between you and God. A place where all your senses will be awakened and aroused.

The applications from Song of Solomon have the potential to not only bring healing  and restoration to your body and soul releasing your spirit to soar, but will cause you to approach the topics of marriage, love, sexual intimacy and food (yes food!) much differently!

Why not have a “Sweet Encounter” for your next ladies retreat!
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Together let’s take a “Peek into the Bridal Chamber!”

PS. Want more? Check out Session II, "In Hot Pursuit of a Bride"
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