Called out on Twitter

called out on twitter

Called out on twitter was a bit of a surprise for me !

Being called out on twitter is a great way to learn etiquette in the twitter world.

While racing in the twitter stream the other day, I read a “question for the day” by J.Sewell Perkins a Life and Business Development Coach. You meet all kinds of incredible and challenging people who love to probe ya on twitter!

Her question for the day was, “What will you choose to manifest today”?

Those powerful seven little words caught my attention right away.

As I pondered for a moment, “of course I know what I want to manifest today”. The truth. I want to manifest truth. 

So I boldly replied once again to her question, “I choose to manifest truth today!”

She responded just as quickly as I responded to her question. Her very thought provoking response caught me off guard and probed me to go yet deeper.

“That’s an interesting answer” she said. “Whose truth is it you intend to manifest”?  

At first I thought, well that’s easy to answer. Besides, doesn’t every Christian know that answer?

I began typing proudly, “Truth… of course based on Gods word”-  what else!

Before I could hit send, I paused, thought deeply once again. This time I was interrupt by a very familiar voice. I was being probed now by the Holy Spirit!

Yes God’s word is truth. But “the condition of ones heart doesn’t always create a very good filter system for truth to be filtered through!” Read more about how “Emotional Pain Distorts Truth” in our lives. 

If our hearts are full of …

  • pain
  •  anger
  •  resentments
  •  vows
  •  judgements

That my friend is what truth will be filtered through.

What is the condition of your filter system?

Have you ever been “called out on twitter”? If so, how did you respond?

Check back later to see  just how our “filter systems” can give us a twisted perception of truth.

Thanks for the “probe” J.Sewell Perkins!

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