God Speaks – Using a Common Kitchen Tool!

God speaks

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God Speaks – Using a Common Kitchen Tool is a great reminder to me.

When God speaks, He can very easily communicate when and however He wants! It’s up to me to listen as there are always amazing lessons to be learned. I am learning when God speaks to me, it’s not always in church or a bible study. This time, it was when I was using an every-day common kitchen tool during an every-day common kitchen task.

I was chopping veggies, when I had a picture of a knife of another kind come to mind. The knife that was held by Abraham in Gen 22:10. I continued to ponder on that story of Abraham and Isaac and listen with my heart as I continued chopping. Pondering is a great way to begin listening to what is on God’s heart.

I imagined how Abraham must have felt as he tightly clenched a knife using both hands, holding it high above the body of his son Isaac, waiting desperately, knowing God speaks.

Of course there are many applications to this story….as many as there are knives in my kitchen. But what caught my attention was how Abraham in his peak moment of desperation, great anguish, mental exhaustion and emotional fatigue, was able to focus, wait and listen. Because he believed – God speaks.

Now I  have never walked in Abraham’s shoes to the point of being asked to sacrifice my only child, but I have had moments of great mental and emotional anguish just waiting and listening for God to speak in my great time of desperation. Moments sad to say, when the only  sound I could hear was that of my heart beating frantically. So many sounds of  fear, loud thoughts of God not showing up and all kinds of reminders bouncing from one side of my heart to the other of what if’s…all out weighing God’s still small voice.

I want that peace and assurance that Abraham displayed on that day. The ability to focus, wait and listen no matter what our hearts are experiencing around us. Abraham didn’t seem to crumble under pressure nor did his heart beat louder than the voice of God. If it did, he wouldn’t have heard, looked up and saw his provision.

In seasons when I don’t have a complete picture of God’s purpose  in my life, when I don’t know what He is doing and others begin to question, those are the most critical times to focus, wait and listen –  even if God speaks,  using a common kitchen knife.

Sometimes our fears or hindrances in hearing God voice has a lot to do with our earthly Father’s house. When I began to open my heart to “The Sound of My Father’s Voice”, I then could hear my heavenly Father’s voice much clearer.

Learning to Listen,

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