Playing Dress Up – Discovering Family Treasures

Playing dress up – discovering family treasures as a little girl in my granny’s attic was so much fun!

For my sister and I playing dress up – discovering family treasures meant running to granny’s attic, into what we called the north room and digging into the old wooden chest. We would prance back and forth on the rickety attic floor twirling in fancy dresses and shoes! My favorite was discovering granny’s fancy purple dress with lots of lace and a pair of her old satin pointy high heels. For hours my sister and I would play dress up in granny’s attic – discovering family treasures.Playing Dress Up

But when I moved back to my home town after years of not living there, a lot of unexpected memories surfaced. Amazing what floods the mind, when triggered by sights, sounds and smells from the past.

I have come to realize that I don’t have to fear going down memory lane anymore, nor do I have to live there. God’s heart is always to redeem that which once was lost – to uncover hidden family treasures! So guess what treasure I discovered today?

No more playing dress up!

As the holidays draw near and family come together, almost always there will be certain family dynamics that trigger past emotions! When that would happen to me, I would find myself re-visiting a familiar place – the family attic. Frantically, digging into the old wooden chest of memories, reaching for the familiar costume. I would default into a familiar pattern of stepping into the shoes of self-pity, all the while playing the victim – a role that once held me captive.

I might have once been a victim, but I am no more. I have a choice. I can step out of those shoes of self-pity, peel off that dress from the past and walk in my new-found freedom in Christ. A freedom that leads me to the other side of the cross allowing me to see from a different perspective – through the eyes of Jesus.

During your next family gathering, may it  be one of going back into  familiar places, like the wooden chest in my granny’s attic, but at the same time you too can begin moving forward. Allow God to help you discover treasures – in your family’s attic!

Playing dress up – no more,

PS. Can I keep the pointy satin high heels? You bet!  Those high heels represent those that have walked miles before me, paying a price for the freedom I get to experience today!

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