Empowerment Weekend – No Make-up, Sweats, and God!

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Empowerment Weekend – No Make-up, Sweats, and God!

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At an Empowerment Weekend, there is just something about bringing women together – no make-up, hanging out in their sweats all weekend and pressing into God. Stuff just happens! No intimidation, no titles, no hang-ups. Just woman hungry to see God work in and through them.

Back in 2003, I had a vision of doing just that. A vision of going to every state, bringing women together  and create an environment where the Holy Spirit is able to restore, refresh and empower women! That and much more just  took place at a an all “Women’s Empowerment Weekend” we had in Branson Mo. The Holy Spirit moved with great power but yet so tenderly as 21 women opened their hearts to receive in areas where they least expected it! We call that Jehovah Sneaky – where you come for one thing and God touches in an area of your life where you didn’t even know you needed it!

Here is a small taste of what happens when women come together – no make-up, hang out in their sweats and press into God!

Kelly 🙂

PS. No weekend could have been complete without the help of a team! Thank you Charlotte, Darla, Dana, Ebbie, Lori, Melissa and Wendy!

PSS. Why not think about arranging a “Women’s Empowerment Weekend” in your area?! Contact us at  Freedom Quest International!

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