Natural Zing Kitchen Gadgets!

natural zing kitchen gadgets

Natural Zing kitchen gadgets – what every kitchen needs!

Natural Zing kitchen gadgets are gadgets I get so excited about. I have them all! But guess what? I am even more excited because they just emailed me! The first four affiliates who post a product review will win a spiral slicer and I want one! I can’t type fast enough. I have been wanting a spiral slicer forever!

So, what are my favorite kitchen gadgets?

I am asked over and over what are some of my favorite kitchen appliances. You know, the ones I can’t do without. So guess what? I found the perfect on-line shopping place – Natural Zing has everything you need!

Well, here are some of my must haves!

  1. My Blend-tec is definitely one of them. What a machine. Absolutely love it! Full of power and smoothies, dips, nut butters all come out creamy and smooth every time!
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  2. Another of my favorite kitchen gadgets would be my 9 tray “Excalibur”   is really hard to do without if I want to dehydrate those sweet, savory, yummy treats. Take a look at these mixed veggies. The onion rings are a special treat when tossed in a salad!

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Kale Chips turn out amazing!

Or those incredible edible kale chips! Don’t they look wonderful in my nine shelf Excalibur?  Natural Zing kitchen gadgets are priced right and a must have for your kitchen. So, hurry on over and grab yourself a dehydrator! If a 9 shelf is too big, the excalibur comes in a 4 and 5 shelf too. But I find that it takes no time at all to fill up my 9 trays. Plus if I am going to dehydrate for 12 hours or more, I might as well do a lot!

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Eggplant jerky is my husbands favorite!

Eggplant is another amazing veggie to dehydrate. My eggplant jerky is always a big hit. I start out with filling 9 trays but by the time they are done, I end up with a lot less than 9. My husband and I do way to much taste testing during the dehydrating process. Recipe with 3 mini how-to videos >>> HERE!

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So, as you can see I can go on and on about my kitchen gadgets. But, if I do I might miss this awesome opportunity to win a spiral slicer!

This is the fastest I have ever written up a blog post. Whew….

Natural Zing kitchen gadgets. Your kitchen will love it and you will too!


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