Juices – 4 Reasons to Chew Your Juice and Not Gulp!


Juices – 4 Reasons to Chew Your Juice and Not Gulp! Follow Me on Pinterest

Juices – 4 reasons to chew your juices and not gulp is easier said than done! The last 8 days of this fast I have had to constantly remind myself to chew my juices or smoothies and not just gulp, gulp, gulp them down! I have always heard that chewing my juices was good for me but I didn’t just want to take someone’s word for it. I had to research and find out for myself. Wow.. I discovered some really amazing reasons why chewing your juices is so much more life-giving then gulping them!

1. Chewing allows the saliva to mix with the juice for better absorption
2. Chewing enables you to receive full healing benefits from the nutrients
3. Chewing relieves the digestive system from working overtime at separating the vitamins and nutrients during the digestive process.
4. Chewing opens the door to better health and a better you!

Now that was an eye opener for me and definitely all makes sense! I for sure will pay more attention the next time I juice-up!

The same goes for you too. You now have 4 good reasons why you should chew your juices and smoothies instead of gulping. So whether you are on a fast or not – start chewing your juices! This Blue-berry Bomb is a great one to begin with!


2 apples | peeled & chopped
1 nob of ginger | peeled
frozen blueberries

Chop, peel (if not organic) all ingredients and blend in a high-powered blender adding water to desired consistency. Plenty to chew for two!

* If you prefer a sweeter smoothie taste, add a few frozen banana pieces. 🙂

What about you….what are you chewing on today?

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