Journaling Part I – 5 Areas Promoting Healing

Journaling Part 1

Journaling Part 1 will initiate healing – body, soul & spirit.

My Journaling Part 1 is definitely an adventure. I am going to show you  5 areas to journal, that will enable you to co-operate with the Holy Spirit – promoting a healing to many levels of your life!

We are spirit, soul and body and God intends for us to function as such. Redemption involves the “whole man” as we read in I Thessalonians 5:23.

“May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Journaling is like fine tuning a master piece – YOU!

Just as a watch maker disassembles a watch, carefully cleaning each piece and assembling it back together for the ultimate tick, so it is with journaling in the following 5 areas. Or the same with a mechanic who takes apart an engine, fine tunes, oils each piece and re-builds it back together for the grand race. My journaling part 1 and following can be looked at in a similar way!

I divide my journal into five sections…

1. Physically How is my body responding?  Headaches, congestion, fatigue, joint pains, skin rashes, mood changes etc. It’s amazing to watch how God created our bodies to heal! To help enhance your cleansing process try  Marcia’s juice recipe

2. Mentally  – Taking note of my thoughts throughout the day will shine light on what really goes on in my heart . Sometimes my mind swarms with thoughts that never land. Here I am able to recognize and take captive those things that breed death.

3. Emotionally – Here I observe how I am feeling. Am I happy, angry, sad or excited? Or do I just feel numb. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell, so by stopping and taking note of  how I feel, it helps me become more aware of what really goes on inside of me!

4. Spiritually – Journal what God is saying to you. You will have amazing discoveries as you do. God’s Spirit is continually pouring into your spirit causing a ripple effect read more HERE! 

5.  Intake for the day – Keeping track of what my intake is for the day will help identify what toxins are exiting out of the body by jotting down what we have put into the body!

So, when it comes to journaling – be creative!

You can draw your emotions, write a poem or create a photo collage. This is your journal and personal way to express your journey! Enjoy as you discover a “journaling that promotes healing. This is Part 1 of the beginning of a 4 part series. So stay tuned for more!

Happy Journaling!

PS. Feel free to share this exciting way to journal with a friend!

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