What is a “Sweet Encounter?”

Think…romance, romance, romance!  

A Sweet Encounter is a room decorated extravagantly with fresh-cut flowers, candles, perfumes, and spices along with the sound of soft music filling the air.

Tables are draped in lace and overflowing with platters of apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges, pears, and pomegranates. Bowls are filled to the brim with mixtures of dates, nuts, figs, apricots and seeds. All for your enjoyment until your heart’s content!

The atmosphere suddenly takes on an electric surge as women begin pouring in one by one. All of their senses begin to be awakened as they enter in with great anticipation. They are about to be captivated body, soul and spirit as they begin to unfold the pages to the greatest love song ever –  Song of Solomon



Above all they will experience the heart of the one that beats with passion throughout the pages of this love song.
The Song above all Songs…      

Since these Encounter’s cater to you body, soul and spirit – you have opportunity for hands on in the kitchen! Learn how to prepare good-for-you desserts using healthy ingredients from the text of “Song of  Solomon”!     
  A “Sweet Encounter” may be scheduled for a …
  • one evening – “Just a Taste”
  • one day – “Savor the Moment” 
  • or a weekend – “Fully Indulged”

 Depending on the type of schedule you choose, one or more of the following sessions will be included:

1. A Peek into the Bridal Chamber
2. Break for lunch with a special, cooking show using healthy ingredients from Song of Solomon!
3. Bridal Pursuit
4. Bridal Awakening
5. Bridal Response

Each “Sweet Encounter” may be tailor-made for the occasion!  

Why not experience a “Sweet Encounter” in your area? Contact Freedom Quest International to schedule yours today! 


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