Holy Cow! 3 Milk Alternatives & My Berry Smoothie

Milk Alternatives … Holy Cow!

Did you know…?

  • The milk that you think is good for you and your bones, is actually contributing to the deterioration of your bones, organs and waistline.
  • The protein molecule in cow’s milk is too difficult for the human body to break down.
  • Milk is pasteurized, so any good attributes it may have had are cooked out, including its enzymes.
  • American women have consumed an average of two quarts a day for their entire lives, according to the National Institute of Disability and Research, it’s estimated that 30 percent of post-menopausal white women in U.S. have osteoporosis of spine, hip or arm.
  •  It is also the most mucus-forming foods we can consume. (no wonder my kids always had runny noses and ear infections!)

Now don’t have a cow…  there are other options!

Especially if you have digestion problems, allergic to dairy products, or just don’t want to keep wiping that nose…  here are 3 of my favorite healthy milk alternatives made by using nuts or seeds!

Oh and of course there is rice milk, soy milk, oat milk and coconut milk for you to choose from too!
Making your own nut-n-seed milks in a Blend-tec high-powered blender is a breeze…

For starters, give my “So Berri Nice” smoothie a try… or another big hit with my family is my “Milky Way” smoothie! 

“So Berri Nice”  

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Almond Milk

1/2 cup raw almonds
1 1/2 – 2 cups water

Frozen bananas
Frozen berries of your choice

Blend nuts and water in high-speed blender – now you have your milk!
Add frozen bananas and frozen berries of your choice

Blend to desired thickness – Enjoy!

Kelly 🙂

PS. By all means share these milk alternatives and my special berry smoothie with a friend!

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