God Speaks in Different Ways – Here’s One!

God speaks to me in many different ways.

Whether I am fasting, cleansing or not… I am always watching and waiting for ways God speaks.

Some of the ways I have experienced Him speaking to my heart have been…

First and foremost through His written word.

But He has also spoken to me through others, through life circumstances, through music, colors, and even when I am in the kitchen creating new recipes!

The other day while riding my bike down Long Boat Key, He spoke to me through His creation! He spoke so quickly that I pulled over to create this graphic to remember what He said. (I was on mile 25 to be exact)!

Here’s what I heard…

How God Speaks to Me! Follow Me on Pinterest Here’s how He spoke it…

The wind was blowing so hard that I could barely keep my bike in the bike lane! I could see the ocean waves crashing with intensity and the clouds moving frantically in all directions – both seemed out of control by the strong wind that propelled them.

What I saw and heard that day could have produced great fear to propel me home in a state of panic. Fear of getting soaked, struck by lightening, or even blown into the line of traffic!

But I chose to use more than my natural ears and eyes that day.

I chose to listen with my heart.
I chose to rise above the storm and listen to what God was saying through all the commotion around me.

How God Speaks to Me! Follow Me on Pinterest Are you riding through a storm today?

Do you ever feel like your life could be likened to the waves and clouds  – out of control?

What is it that propels you along your journey? 

I don’t know about you, but at times during my life journey, I am very much propelled by the winds of fear and not the breath of God. 

Choose today to listen with more than just your natural ears and eyes.

Chose to rise above the storms and listen to what God is saying to you through all the commotion. May you be propelled by the breath of God today no matter what storm you are riding through…

…because God speaks!

Kelly 🙂

PS. For another great example of how to ride through life’s storms… check out my husbands mini video ==> HERE! 

4 Replies to “God Speaks in Different Ways – Here’s One!”

  1. I guess then, the converse is true? That when I am fearful that what I thought was a walk with God turns into a bumpy storm, sometimes it’s the breath of God? Frequently, I wonder if I was blown off my path by an unforeseen gale wind. Or was it the breath of God purposely driving me into a new direction. Since my latest wind has landed me in the Bermuda Triangle, I wish I could be certain what the source of that driving wind was. I thought it was God. But now I don’t know. And now there is an airplane circling overhead. Do I flag it down so I can return to the mainland? Or do I stay anchored down, because while it may be a quirky triangle, there are a few palm trees and some sand???

    1. Trena you are a deep, thought provoking, creative writer! Well good think you know the one behind the storms…I say you “hunker” down. Keep us posted! 🙂

      1. Yes throughout our day we will respond in fear or love. Perfect love cast out all fear. We must turn the outside voices way down and turn our spiritual radio up to his voice as the uneccessary static slowly fades away. I love hearing my Lord’s voice-lately it has been in dreams. Love this article Kelly.

      2. Your words bring great encouragement! Not for sure who you are as there is no pic or name but appreciate you taking the time to respond! 🙂

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