When God Empowers Women Watch What Happens! [Video]

God + Women

God empowers women from all over the world!

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When God empowers women stuff just seems to happen no matter what part of the world we are in! When God, women and the nurturing fire of  the Holy Spirit come together you never know what might take place. But one thing you do know… it’s going to be good. REAL GOOD.

I have a passion to draw women together from every state, culture and denomination  to “bellow the flame” that will mend borders of all hearts, families, states and nations. It’s amazing, tender, moving and always powerful to experience the presence of God move in and among women.


Women empowered by the Holy Spirit will set the Nations ablaze!

When God empowers women during these weekends you can expect breath-taking moments, foot stompin, voice raising, tears flowing and tender ministering to one another as the Holy Spirit flows through each one.

Here is a sneak peek of what took place in one of our Women Empowerment weekends. No matter how many times I watch it, it brings me to tears. Oh how I love these women.

Why not gather women together in your area?

Either for an all day or a complete weekend of women coming together. I am always ready to see and eager to be a part of when God empowers women! 

For more information on how to host your Women’s Empowerment weekend in your area contact ==> Freedom Quest International

I will be happy to facilitate a Women’s Empowerment Weekend for you!


“This weekend was eternal for me, my spirit is so free!” – Debi

“This weekend was indescribable!” – Malaika

“God is so amazing, his love is unconditional and His acts are breathe-taking!” – Anita

“This entire weekend was tailor-made just for me!” – Kenya

“I experienced His very presence and came home with lots of gold nuggets!” – Theresa

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