Fasting and Prayer Will Impact Your Generations!

fasting and prayer

Fasting and Prayer will impact your life and the generations that follow.

Fasting and prayer has definitely been a vehicle that has changed my life.

I just wonder if my Great Mom (pictured with my Great Granddad on their wedding day at the age of 16!), had any idea of the impact she would have on the generations that followed her?

She would pray and fast every New Years for her family and the generations that followed. She prayed that the seed of her seed of her seed would be blessed.

I am proud to say…

I am one of those seeds!

Sometimes during a fast we have thoughts of “what’s the use?”, “I don’t since anything happening”, or “is this really worth it?” These thoughts and more swirl through my head.

But I am reminded….

Of the time when my husband Bob and I were in Indonesia and God prompted us to a fast. I began a 3 day absolute fast. No food. No water. I was desperate. My focus? My children. I cried out on their behalf all through the night. When I completed the 3 days, I remember thinking how nothing really major seemed to happen – in my life or my children.

Until one day… 

My son called me full of excitement telling me about a remarkable discovery that just took place in his life. Just as our phone conversation came to an end, immediately God spoke to my heart saying, “Kelly remember your 3 day fast a few years ago in Indonesia? Well… his discovery is a result of that fast!”

Be encouraged… your fasting and prayer is not in vain.  

Yes the next generation can make their own choices. But, just as God did for my Great mom and the generations that have followed her, so it shall be for you and your generations. But most important is I always want to have a seeking heart… don’t you?

Oh, the Joy of fasting and prayer!

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The Joy of Fasting E-Book

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This 19-page downloadable Study Guide also includes a link to an MP3 teaching that will guide you step by step and equip and empower you for all your cleansing adventures! You will learn:
– Three types of fasts.
– What takes place during a fast—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).
– Six simple but powerful steps on how to detoxify slowly. 
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From Fasting to Feasting E-Book

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Impact your generations—right from your kitchen! Join Kelly on a Sweet Encounter from Fasting to Feasting and experience a whole new level of healing and health! In this 25-page E-Book you will:
– Apply 5 Keys that will jumpstart your fast.
– Recognize fasting as a devotion or a duty.
– Learn what takes place from one generation to the next.
– Identify symptoms of physical and emotional healing.
– Utilize five pathways for an optimal cleanse.


Sweet Encounter From Fasting to Feasting includes five of Kelly’s favorite raw dessert recipes where the color photos alone will make your mouth water! Think: Chocolate & Red Raspberry Parfait, Berry Enough Cheesecake, Chewy Fudge Sticks, Pomegranate Almond and Lemon Thyme Raw Ice Creams!

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