Is Fasting An Option Or a Choice?

is fasting an option

Is fasting an option or a choice? Well yes and no.  Is fasting an option Follow Me on Pinterest

Is fasting an option or a choice? Technically the words “option and choice” are synonymous , but I see a difference.

No, fasting is not an option. But yes, fasting is a choice.

Jesus did not use a conditional word such as “if” in Matthew 6:16 but He did use the word “when” – one that implies an element of time, leaving no room for option.

You have a choice.

But, on the other hand  you have a choice and fasting is definitely one of them. A choice that very quickly reveals the motive and condition of the heart. Just the mention of the word fasting and your emotions begin awaken very quickly. Which is really a very good indication that a fast is in order and well overdue. Read HERE about what happened with my emotions on day 40 of a fast.

As I step over the threshold into a new year, I am choosing to fast and hopefully from a right heart motive. I will spend the next 10 days preparing for a 30 day juice fast.

Will you join me?

The type of fast and how long of a fast you choose is up to you. Whether it’s 3, 7 or 21 days, it’s your choice. Even if you choose to watch on the sidelines this time around – it’s ok. Most important is that we grow at our own pace – spirit, soul & body.

Today I will begin to pre-cleanse. Read how I ease into a long fast one meal at a time HERE! 

Happy Cleansing!

So I will leave you with this thought today. Is fasting an option?

It’s your choice.

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