Encounter Love – body, soul & spirit!

Encounter Love

Encounter Love and life begins to change – body, soul and spirit!

As we Encounter Love for ourselves, we realize (now more than ever!) unless properly processed, our childhood perceptions and trauma carry over into our adult life. It’s out of the discovery of our own emotional brokenness we now see how it was affecting every area of our lives – body, soul & spirit.

The pain from our past will always seek comfort. Our bodies then become at dis-ease and our minds are like a recorder playing the past pain over and over again. Our emotions then become distorted and spiritually speaking, God seems so far away.

It is time for an encounter. Encounter Love. God’s love.

As Bob and I learn to walk in a greater level of freedom on a personal level, we are able to impart that freedom to others. When we are able to teach from a posture of no more shame in who we are or where we have come from, life is imparted! Free people always free people. So we are very excited to present to you…

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These Saturday events have been designed to enhance a Biblical understanding of God’s word, encourage life change body, soul and spirit and help us all walk in the freedom and wholeness we were designed for!

Come join Encounter LOVE …

March 12: “Living Health” 
March 19: “Restoring Family Relationships” 
March 26: “Spiritual Maturation”

For a more detailed description of each Saturday seminar and registration click  HERE!

Seating is limited to 12 participants only for each Saturday session – so save your seat and register by March 10, 2011!

For more about Freedom Quest International read more HERE.

Blessings from our home to yours!

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