Eat Clean Tip #2: Discover the Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen

This Dirty Dozen is our #2 eat clean tip for today!

A dirty dozen that shocked me though. Look at what I discovered today. Speechless. Take a look at this list and tell me if you see what I see?!  Dirty Dozen Follow Me on Pinterest

Do you see it?!

Six of these Dirty Dozen foods are on our grocery list I created for you in the Eat Clean Celebration E-Book. Shocker!

My first thought was “I will just buy organic” and that will shift these dirty babies over to the clean babies list.

Not necessarily true.

According to this article “Why You Shouldn’t Buy Organic Based on the Dirty Dozen List” says it’s not always necessarily true. Very interesting….

So what’s a clean eating girl to do?

Bottom line… whether it’s dirty or clean, make sure you know where your food comes from. Support your local farmers, ask lots of questions and do the best you can when you can!

Eating Clean is about making choices.

Healthy choices. Like my Sweet Potato Curly Fries!

Saying yes to life-giving foods and no to those foods that are processed, found in a box or a can, and running over with additives and chemicals.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Tip #3 when I reveal to you what every kitchen on this planet needs!

2 Replies to “Eat Clean Tip #2: Discover the Dirty Dozen”

  1. WEll, now, how about them apples? Here, in NJ, about the only produce growing right now is turnips. We do buy local, mostly, we are the Garden State, you know. 🙂 So, since the Dirty Dozen is being given another look – just scrub those babies before that first bite. You know, some of our produce I put in vinegar water – to kill bacteria and clean them.
    After reading this info, which of these “dozen” would you still recommend not (overly) consuming? I know the white potatoes are not on a “goodie” list. How about everything else?

    1. Kathy,
      I buy organic when possible if the prices are not that extremely different. Also I have used the vinegar water trick too! Great reminder. Bottom it’s good to know where our food comes from. Support our local farmers, ask lots of questions and do the best we can when we can!

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