Dream Big With God – Here Is What He Showed Me!

dream big

Dream. When was the last time you dreamed with God? dream Follow Me on Pinterest

Like really dream.

A time when you actually sit down, gaze into the distance and dream about your future, your family, your children, your work, your ministry or just life in general.

The God of the universe wants to dream BIG through you!

Here is what He showed me…
While on a boat ride touring the Sarasota bay with family, we gazed upon homes of the rich and famous and took in all the sea life around us. So much beauty to behold! As the boat glided upon the waters, I found myself looking beyond those houses and into the horizon dreaming…

… dreaming of reaching out to women around the world; seeing them released into their true destiny. Seeing women walk in a greater freedom; a freedom that brings amazing transformation to them and the world around them!

I see a sea of women crying out for freedom. Some with out-stretched arms, reaching desperately for help. Others being tossed to and fro by the waves of the sea, gripping a life-preserver; while others literally floating like corpses upon the waters– lifeless, no hope, no desire to live.

As I stared intently across the sea of women, Jesus held my hand as I reached out for theirs. With a voice of compassion He gently whispered “they don’t trust me… but… they will trust me through you!”.

God wants to birth vision in you and through you.

He wants to empower you for something far greater than yourself!

Dreaming reveals the deepest secrets of your heart. Dreaming will reveal God’s heart in you and His desire to work through you. He will take you beyond the horizon of your daily life and show you His heart – a heart that wants to live through you, changing the world around you!

As women created by God, why not dream BIG with God?!

Click HERE to see what happened at our “Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon” when women came together and began to dream BIG with God!

God is looking for women that will dare to dream with Him!

Go ahead….be one that dares to dream!

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2 Replies to “Dream Big With God – Here Is What He Showed Me!”

  1. I dream of running a small bistro with amazing healthy food, the most serene, creative ambiance with a daytime reading room, student hangout, couples oasis, friends connecting and live inspiring music a few nights a week. A place for physical and spiritual nourishment!

    1. Anonymous… would love to know who you are as this is a very inspiring dream! I can actually see it as you write! 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

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