Discover Your Body Cycle & Lose Weight – [teaching video]!

Discovering your body cycle is key…

…key to losing those unwanted pounds, trimming your belly fat and maintaining optimal health!

Whether you realize it or not your cycle is going on at all times and can be more intense during certain hours of the day. But when you discover this natural cycle and learn to flow with it, your body will respond in amazing ways and reap many benefits – losing weight is one of them!

Here is how it works…

Discover Your Body Cycle & Lose Weight from Kelly Parr on Vimeo.

But did you know?

  • Traditional eating habits have consistently obstructed this cycle?
  • We use what we need but not eliminate what we don’t?
  • We spend far more time appropriating than eliminating?
    A Good example of this is in the movie Fed Up…check out the trailer. I highly recommend you watch the complete movie! 

Are you ready to give your body cycle a chance?

To begin working with your cycle, you will definitely want to check out my 3 Day Cleanse for some great recipes to help you get started!

Happy Cleansing!

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PSS. Plus here’s a heads up next time you head to the gym. Make sure you are not doing these 3 Horrible Habits to hinder your digestion! 

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