Detoxification – More Than a Physical Experience

When detoxification begins to take place physically – you will most likely experience it! Headaches, fever, aches, indigestion, congestion, skin rashes, dizziness, just to name a few! During a fast of any kind your body will kick in and begin “to remove poisons from within”. Depending on the type of fast you are doing will depend on the level of detoxification you experience.

But more than just a physical experience you will also begin to detoxify emotionally. As you go deeper into a fast you may also begin to experience  depression, anxiety and even mood changes. 

I don’t know about you but some of us are experiencing these emotional symptoms even without being on a fast!

Whether you are fasting or not – these emotions are all symptoms of the heart. Your “Emotions Do Have a Voice” but will you take the time to listen?

We are in a season where fears of all kinds are closing in on us. Fear of rejection, loss of a job, losing our homes or even a loved one.

During this season can you identify the symptoms arising from your heart?

Take a few moments right now and allow God to show you what is poisoning your heart. Allow Him to displace fear, torment and pain  with His comfort, peace and a security! I John 4:18… it is His Perfect Love (His mature Love), that drives out all fears (torment and pain).

What level of emotional healing would you like to walk in?

That is the level of freedom you will impart to others!

Bless you!
Kelly 🙂

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