Detoxification – More Happens Than You Think!

The detoxification process during a fast, you will always experience a level of physical discomfort.

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During detoxification there will be symptoms of headaches, fever, aches, indigestion, congestion, skin rashes and dizziness – all of which are a part of the cleansing process physically.

A fast of any type is going to give your body more energy to “remove poisons from within”, as it’s not spending all it’s time on its normal daily activities. A fast always allows your body to focus on a deep cleaning and depending on the type of fast… will depend on the level of detoxification process you will experience.

But there is more that happens then you think!

More than just a physical experience you will also begin to detoxify emotionally. As each day of your cleanse unfolds you will begin to experience mood changes and not always pleasant ones! 

Some experience these emotional symptoms even without being on a fast!

Whether you are fasting or not – emotions are always symptoms of your heart. Read more here ==> “Your Emotions Have a Voice” .

But will you listen?

Take the opportunity during a fast to heal at a deeper level than just the physical. When you experience different emotions arising from your heart, make note of them. Name the emotion.  Is it a happy feeling? Sad? Angry? Depressed? Journal it. Write down what was taking place that stirred that particular emotion. Identifying your emotions by acknowledging them and writing them down is a huge step in your healing journey!

Take a few moments now and allow God to bring healing at a heart level. Allow Him to displace fear, torment and pain with His comfort, peace and a security!

I John 4:18… it is His Perfect Love (His mature Love), that drives out all fears (torment and pain).

What level of emotional healing would you like to walk in?

That will be the level of freedom you impart to others.

Happy Cleansing!

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