Detoxification – a Desert to Experience


Detoxification, a word that reminds me of the Israelites fleeing Egypt.

Detoxification was something they experienced first hand. I am sure of it!

With just enough time to grab their unleavened bread dough, fling it across their shoulders into kneading troughs – they fled into the desert leaving no time to prepare any food for themselves (Exodus 12:39).

Unknowingly they were about to enter a “desert experience” which was an opportunity for detoxifying – body, soul & spirit. No comfort, no food, no water, no shortcuts – perfect ingredients to stir up what’s within a person’s heart.

Without a doubt they experienced the typical physical  symptoms of a cleanse called detoxification.

Such as… headaches, fatigue, joint pain, cough, indigestion, bad breath and sore throats. They might even have experienced skin rashes, constipation, backache, depression and stiff necks. (Come to think of it, they were called a stiff necked people more than once)! They also would most likely suffer from insomnia, sinus congestion, dizziness, fever, anxiety, vomiting and mood changes too!

Mood changes? Oh yes, emotional upheaval at its best takes place during a “Body & Soul” cleanse!

As their desert experience unfolded, so did their hearts. That night, they carried more in their hearts, then they did on their backs.

A desert experience affects the whole man. 

Much like the Israelites, we too will also discover more than just the above physical symptoms. Perhaps an emotional upheaval…much like a desert dust storm!

You might have escaped your Egypt physically, a place that once held you captive, but what have you carried off in your heart emotionally that affects you physically, mentally and spiritually?

Take note of your detoxification process

During your next cleanse, don’t overlook what God wants to reveal deep within your heart. Grab your journal and jot down how you feel throughout each day and perhaps like the Israelites – you too will have a “desert experience” and discover a heart full of emotional toxins during your detoxification process.

Will you let it go?

What do you do once you realize the weight of these toxic emotions? Be encouraged and take the next step by reading my husband Bob’s blog post “A Seeking Heart’! 

Happy Cleansing!

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