Detox part 1 – 10 Fun Ways to Grow Mentally!

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Detox – body, soul and spirit is vital for healthy living. Detoxifying is not just looking at what we “can’t” do but  looking at what we can. Making healthy choices that will enrich our lives for the better. When we become aware of our whole being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and not only focus on one aspect, we will bloom all round and not grow a lop-sided life! I am going to break it down into bite size pieces so we can detect where our strength lies and at the same time, look at areas where we lack. Detoxing daily is a life-long process… not just a 3 day, 7 day, or even a 21 day experience!

I’m in it for life. How about you?

Let’s begin to detox in the mental arena by learning to develop our minds and learn new things! Here’s a list of ideas to get us started. I want to continue growing this list… so leave a comment below on other ways you have discovered how to grow mentally!

Mental Growth

  1. Make a new friend
  2. Travel outside your comfort zone. (whether that is across the street or around the world!)
  3. Take risks
  4. Learn a new game like Sudoku
  5. Order something totally different next time you go out to eat
  6. Try exploring a different genre of music or reading
  7. Change your daily routine
  8. Re-arrange your furniture
  9. Learn a few phrases in a different language

But hang on, I have one more clever idea to detox mentally! This week I discovered something I have never done before and I think it will definitely stimulate my mental growth (not to mention my physical beauty as well!).

 “Water Marble Nail Art”!

How cool is this!  Invite all your girlfriends over, have them bring lots of wild nail polish colors, mix them together and have a crazy  “Water Marble Nail Art”! party! Here’s my you-tube video link to help you learn how!

Click HERE!

Start to detox mentally today and choose one new idea from the list above or create your own! Do one a month, a week or each day! Go at your own pace. No hurry. It’s a life-long commitment, remember? *smiling*

Stay tuned for more detoxing fun – body, soul & spirit!

Kelly 🙂

PS. Leave a comment below on ways you have discovered to grow Mentally! In the meantime share this blog post with a friend!

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