Detox Challenge 9: 8×8 Hydrate!

8x8 hydrate

Challenge 9: 8×8 Hydrate! 8x8 hydrate Follow Me on Pinterest

Drinking water can sometimes be a huge task, no taste, and – boring. So let’s try to make this challenge fun, exciting and easy to remember!

The average rule of thumb is 8×8 (8oz – 8x a day), hence 8×8 hydrate! But if you want to calculate the exact amount tailor made for you, take your weight (yes and no fudging about it!) and multiply by .67. Then you got it!

Why hydrate?

  • Your body functions better (digestion, absorption, circulation, etc.)
  • Washes away toxins
  • Helps maintain body fluid
  • Beautifies your skin (along with your loofah & clean eating!)
  • Strengthens your muscles
  • Your kidney’s love it
  • and our bowels…. well, let’s just say they will come alive!

Here’s some really cool ideas to keep you from getting bored!

  •  “Be Kind to Your Kids” and whip up this easy “3 ingredients only” and grab your recipe here >>> “Pink Cool-Aid”!

You can even slice your fruit or toss them into a 64 0z. mason jar (that’s how I can monitor my intake!), add some herbs and BAM!.. no more plain, boring, tasteless H20!

  • lemon & ginger
  • orange & basil
  • cucumber, lime & mint 
  • strawberry, blueberry & kiwi

The combos are endless!

Post your pic!

Meet me over on our Daily Detox wall and post a picture of your 8×8 hydrate creation for today. Can’t wait to see what combo you come up with!

Each of these 21 daily challenges are meant to stimulate your growth – body, soul & spirit. But if you are ready to go to another level in your cleansing experience why not try….

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Click here >>> PHASE 2 SUPER CHALLENGE  to download more recipes and an easy check off-list for groceries!

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