Detox Challenge 14: Clear Your Clutter!

clear the clutter

Detox Challenge 14: Clear Your Clutter!  clear the clutter Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s time to clear your clutter so that you can make plenty of room to dream and dream BIG!

We are just about to enter into Phase 3 of our 21 Day Surprise Detox Challenge and we are going to flow with the shift I have sensed – so gear up for today’s challenge!

THE CHALLENGE: Clear Your Clutter!

1. Take ownership – it’s your clutter!

Claim your clutter so that you might clear your clutter! Today is not a time to rearrange your clutter. Nor is it a time to pass it on or blame someone else. It’s yours. Own it.

Define Clutter?

Clutter looks different for each one of us. Perhaps yours is a toxic relationship that needs attended to or mind games you play with yourself that need to stop. Maybe it’s time to recognize and remove stimulants from your diet, such as sugar, salt or caffeine. Your clutter might be cleaning out your closet, a box, organizing a kitchen drawer or even clean out the trunk of your car (more on that in a bit)! What ever the “clutter” is in your life take ownership of it. Claim it. Clear it. 

2. Take responsibility – deal with it!

Today I am giving you opportunity to respond to the clutter in your life. When you take ownership of your clutter, you are then ready to take responsibility to do something about it. You have the “ability to respond” and believe it or not your response will and does affect every area of your life – body, soul & spirit. 

What action should I take?

If it’s a relationship that needs tending to, then you know what to do. If it’s the stimulants that need to be removed from you diet, you know what to do. If it’s a drawer that needs cleaned out – then just do it!

It’s a process.

Yes, clearing your clutter is a process. Start with just one relationship, one drawer, or one trunk at a time.

To give you a visual of what it looks like to “Clear Your Clutter” with relationships….. you will be shocked (or maybe you won’t!) of TD Jakes version of “Junk in your Trunk”!

Before you start choosing which clutter to tackle, check out what I did with my clutter and see  “How to Detox Your Bedroom Closet”! 

You are about to shed a few pounds,  feel lighter, refreshed and ready to embrace another day! Clear the clutter and you just might discover some treasure!

Today is the last day for raw until 3pm! Stay tuned for tomorrows Phase 3 Super Challenge!  

Happy Cleansing,

PS. Come to our Detox Wall and tell us what clutter you cleared out! (Post pictures too!)
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