Detox Challenge 10: Step Into Your Destiny

Challenge 10: Step Into Your Destiny!  Your destiny Follow Me on Pinterest

Today we will make a clean sweep through your heart and detoxify! We are going to identify and eliminate any residue from the past that hinders you from stepping further into your God given destiny today. Let’s focus on one area in particular – your name!

Your destiny is tied to the meaning of your name!

I don’t know about you, but growing up (especially my teenage years) I was called a lot of names and my birth name wasn’t always one of them. Wetback and halfbreed are two I remember well. They left a nasty residue in my heart.

Do you remember any names you were called other than your birth name? Perhaps it was by a friend, sibling or maybe even a parent. That kind of name calling can affect you in many areas of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Your name is not an accident!

Knowing the meaning of your name is key to stepping into your destiny. All throughout the Bible each person’s destiny was tied to the meaning of their name says my next video guest!

I have invited a very special guest Crystal Grainger, a dear friend of mine from South Carolina. She is committed to research and study extensively the meaning of every person’s name she comes in contact with. She has an incredible prophetic insight into names and God has used her gifting powerfully. Many are being released into their destiny!

 Watch the video until the end!

Crystal has scanned and prayed over our Detox wall and has chosen 2 women to give them the meaning of their names as a gift. So watch until the end of the video – you might be one of the two Crystal chose!

Detox Challenge #10 – Step Into Your Destiny! Part 2 from Kelly Parr on Vimeo.

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