Detox Challenge 1: Eat a Mono Meal

CHALLENGE 1 : EAT A MONO MEAL!  mono meal Follow Me on Pinterest

Today I want you to replace one of your meals with a mono meal. 🙂  I’m talking just one meal today not all three!

What is a mono meal?!

Glad you asked! A mono meal is eating only one type of food for a meal instead of a combination of different foods. Usually its raw fruits or vegetables.

– A big chunk of juicy watermelon for breakfast.
– A bowl of sweet strawberries for lunch.
– Or how about a bunch of sliced tangy oranges for dinner!

Why eat a mono meal?

  • Super easy on your digestive system (especially if it’s the first meal of the day)
  • A great colon cleanser
  • It’s simple
  • Preparation and clean up is a whiz!
  • A great way to detox and cleanse your system
  • A great way to see how your body responds to different foods

I recommend that your mono meal be your first meal of the day. Preferably choose to eat a  juicy fruit for an optimal detoxification.

But, I wouldn’t suggest doing only mono meals for a long period of time as eating a variety of food is key to long-term health.

For 7 more reasons why a mono meal is so healthy visit the blog post of===> Carla Golden Wellness!


Now jump on over to our Facebook Daily Detox group and tell us…

  • What you ate.
  • Did you enjoy todays challenge?
  • Did you notice any affects on your digestive system?
  • How did you feel afterwards? Energized? Tired?
  • Did you notice any blood sugar crashes/low energy afterwards?


Mono meal Follow Me on Pinterest Happy Cleansing!

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PPS. So proud of you! 🙂


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  1. Great challenge!!! Thx for linking into my post. Keep inspiring!

    1. Your most welcome. I really enjoyed your site and thought my readers would too!

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