How to Detox Your Bedroom Closet!

Time to detox something more than your physical body – your bedroom closet!

After being on the road for 2 weeks I was in need of more than just a simple cleanse of my digestive system. My body was screaming to detoxify all the residue left over from the sugary desserts I inhaled and the fried home-cooked foods I consumed.

Of course I had a wonderful fun-filled time with family and friends. Every last drop of morsel was delicious – but I paid dearly. I ended up with a head cold, sore throat, and headache for two weeks! Click here for my  3 DAY CLEANSE  that helped me clear-up and clean-up!

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But, my physical body was not all that needed a cleanse. 

As soon as I began unpacking my bags – it hit me. I noticed there was something else that needed a good cleansing.

It was time to detox my bedroom closet!

Ever so often I go through my closet and dresser drawers and make 3 catagories; keep, pitch or give-away.

If I have not used something or worn it within the last year or so, then “out-it-goes”!

Perhaps this is the missionary blood that runs deep through my veins? Or maybe it’s the “I can’t stand clutter” part of me kicking in gear. Whichever it might be, it’s always a good thing to shed a few pounds whether it be physically or –  in your bedroom closet!

I remember years ago Wayne Meyers a missionary from Mexico saying,

“Wear the world like a coat – be ready to take it off at any time”!

That small little quote has stuck with me throughout the years. It impacted my life in the way I live physically and the way I live spiritually. When God speaks, I’m ready! Even as a single mom when my children were little we would always take time to “lighten-up” and shed a few pounds. Then of course the fun part was giving it away!

So there you have it.

My detoxed closet.

Ohhh I feel so much lighter, refreshed, organized and ready to hit the road again!

How about you?

Don’t wait until spring to detox your closets – take a few hours here and there and just do it!

This is the perfect season to give.

Happy Cleansing,

3 Replies to “How to Detox Your Bedroom Closet!”

  1. Very wise words, Kelly. We all could profit by “shedding” some pounds of the closet kind, I would imagine. Help me, Lord, to listen to your urgings in my life to shed a few – whatevers – here are there. Thanks, Kell.

    1. Kathy, I like that word “shedding”…. paints a very clear pic for me. Just taking one-day-at-a-time as it can get a bit overwhelming for me! Thanks for your encouraging response.

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