Day 7: Why Am I Sick?

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Why am I sick so soon? It’s only the first week of the cleanse and way to soon to be this wiped out!

All my symptoms point to the brutal flu monster going around town. These symptoms are very different though than the normal detoxification symptoms I have experienced during previous cleanses.

But one thing for sure, taking a pill and quickly putting blame elsewhere doesn’t solve the root cause of discovering…

Why am I sick?

I am a unique individual and my lifestyle needs to be looked at as such.

In blaming someone or something else on why I am sick, takes the responsibility from me. Besides, in Genesis 3:12-13, blaming shifting is the oldest trick known to mankind!

It’s important I ask myself what have done to cause my immune system to weaken to get sick in the first place.

Here’s my evaluation for me!

  • Being out of the country for 3 months eating differently than I’m used to (no juicing, no smoothies and no green drinks).
  • During that time, I consumed more New Zealand chocolate, chips, deserts and breads than I ever have in my lifetime!
  • Experiencing family dynamics during the holidays can cause emotional stress.
  • Over-eating and indulging in more desserts during the holidays doesn’t help either!
  • Arriving home and adjusting to the changes of being gone for 4 months. This is overwhelming mentally & emotionally to me.
  • Working nonstop with little rest

I can’t treat my body in such a way and then expect it to perform with optimal health. These things and more can cause stress, lower your immune system and ultimately sets you up to be a toxic breeding ground.

To be quick to say I’m sick because of someone or something else is not taking 100% responsibility for my wellness. Being honest with yourself is the first step and by joining me on this 21 Day Detox is another  step into the right direction of taking responsibility for your health!

Take time to evaluate what has been going on in your life. So when you find yourself asking “why am I sick” we aren’t too quick to  blame someone or something else!

Be open to make life changes.

Happy Cleansing!

PS. Detoxification is alway more than a Physical Experience! Read more HERE! 

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