DAY 2 – Daily Eating Guide


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Your eating guide will fluctuate depending on your unique time schedule. Remember, this is your cleanse, your body, your choice!

Today I want to challenge you mentally with this helpful daily guide. Adjust it to the Cleansing Level you chose from our first blog post “===> 3 Simple Steps to Begin

Daily Eating Guide Example

1. Upon arising: lemon or apple cider vinegar in warm water according to your taste.
(may continue throughout your day)!
2. Breakfast: green smoothie
3. Snack: green drink
4. Lunch: raw salad
5. Snack: veggie snack
6. Dinner: veggie soup
7. Snack: green drink
8. Nothing after 8pm

Here’s a review of your Cleansing Tips (can be applied to most levels of cleansing).

  • Smoothie ideas: I will extend the downloading of this eGift for a few more days ===>Download Christmas Smoothie Celebration. –  Sorry link has expired! 
  • Foods to eat: Whole veggies, whole fruits, non-gluten grains, lentils, seaweed, nuts, seeds, nut butters, coconut water, green juice etc.
  • Stay away from: processed sugar, meat, dairy, gluten, starchy veggies.
  • Review your 3 Cleansing Levels eGift you received when you subscribed!
  • In our Daily Detox group you can click on “FILE” at the top of the wall and review our Q&A!

Take your health to the next level!

What if you could directly benefit from my years of experience – and avoid some of the mistakes I made?

As an author, teacher, Doctor of Naturopathy and a Natural Health Counselor, I will inspire, educate and provide resources to empower your Daily Detox journey!

Take advantage from my mistakes and go deeper into your cleansing experience with the following resources. (The cool thing is all proceeds go towards our mission trips!)

Click HERE to learn more about my eBook: The Joy of Fasting
Learn how to control your detoxification process. This is a huge deal! Plus the interactive study guide works well for personal or group study!
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Click HERE to learn more about my Book: Sweet Encounter with Raw Desserts! 
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Happy Cleansing!
Kelly 🙂

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