DAY 1 – How to Create a Prayer Wall!

How to create a prayer wall (my momma’s way)!

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Let’s begin DAY 1 of this cleanse with learning how to create a prayer wall my momma’s style!

Creating a prayer wall on the first day of a cleanse is very different & a unique way to begin our 21 Day Detox Challenge. Normally I begin by focusing in on you and your heart, journalling or recipes. But as always there are no two cleanses alike.

When you hear the word fasting, automatically most people think of fasting and prayer only. Sort of like how peanut butter and jelly go together! You wouldn’t think of any other way to make a sandwich. Today is going to be one of those “peanut butter and jelly” days. But at the same time, there is always so much more. We are not here to change God’s heart. He is here to change ours.

James Jordan of Fatherheart Ministries  says it so well...

“The language of God is the language of the heart. He comes to change your heart, touch your heart, heal your heart, fill your heart and minister to your heart so that you will become freer.

Who wouldn’t want to be freer?

That is exactly what you are in for during our 21 Day Detox. To become freer! But first, before we focus in on your heart, let’s focus in on creating a prayer wall. Watch this interview with my mom (hysterical as we both didn’t want to be “in” the video!)  to show you how she created her 6 generation prayer wall. Sometimes known as the wailing wall!

My momma has been a silent model of prayer & fasting for decades for our family.

I am where I am today because of her prayers, and the prayers of those who have gone before me. So what better way to begin this cleanse than with showing you her prayer wall LIVE!

How do you pray for your family? Comment below so we might have more creative ways to pray or better yet post a picture or video in our Daily Detox group so that other’s might be encouraged.

BONUS: Speaking of prayer, my mom wrote a special prayer just for you as you begin your 21 Day Detox ===> Download it here! 

Let the cleansing begin!