Comfort Food – The Struggle is Real

comfort food

Comfort food. Is it the answer to your life struggles?

Comfort food and life struggles are inevitable.

Think about it. In life you either are coming out of a struggle, going through a struggle or getting ready to begin another struggle. As for the comfort food – it’s lurks around every corner.

My question is… where do you turn to during your struggles? If you are like most, you will turn to some type of comfort.

Comfort comes in many forms — mine is food.

For example.

My husband received a double whammy this week of a possible mass in his stomach and had a major blockage in an artery in his heart. At the sound of those words I went through a major heart procedure too…

  • Fear gripped like a vice and seemed impossible to shake.
  • All my thoughts burned with imagination – assuming the worst.
  • My emotions imploded within while fear, anxiety and dread pumped frantically through my veins.
  • And yes…

My response to this emotional heart attack?

Comfort food – my antidote.

Comfort food relieved my fears, soothed the anxiousness, passed the time and is the re-focuser I desperately needed. So I thought. With each passing moment, fear gripped tighter, thoughts burned deeper and emotions kept pumping — controlling every beat of my heart as the cycle continued.

The cycle can be broken!

In desperation, I discovered a much healthier alternative for this weeks life struggle that would bring a lasting comfort. Before falling asleep, during my sleep and as soon as I woke up, I listened to soaking music. This music soothed my soul and brought my heart back into focus on the One and only true comforter.

The morning before Bob’s heart procedure, I was suddenly awakened to the exact words I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear it on Julie True’s Sounds of Healing. The greatest Physician of all was not only healing my husbands heart, but He was healing mine as well!

Click and forward to the 47 min mark and listen through to the 50 min mark to hear what I heard!

May these 3 minutes from this CD bring your heart just as much comfort as it did to mine –  satisfying deeper than any comfort food ever will!

PS. The outcome of this weeks struggle? The mass in Bob’s stomach was a new spleen that had grown in place of the one that was removed years ago and the LAD artery was 95% blocked and needed a stint. Today Bob is back home and doing well!

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