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Session III – “The Bride Awakens….What Does She See?”

 Oh my… do you remember your first morning waking up as a new bride? Or perhaps for some of you it is only in the dreaming stages as you are not even married yet! :)  Now I know this sounds strange but after being married to Bob for about a year, I can remember waking up […]

Session I – “A Peek into the Bridal Chamber”

In the earlier post I gave an overview of what a “Sweet Encounter” is all about! Now let me give you a “taste” of what unfolds in our  first Session of the greatest love song ever … Song of Solomon! We will observe: * Historical background * Three popular views * The value of journaling a […]

My Favorite Kitchen Appliances… Natural Zing has it all

I just received an email from Natural Zing!!! The first four affiliates who post a product review will win a spiral slicer!!! I am so excited that I can’t type fast enough! I have been wanting a spiral slicer forever!!! I am asked over and over what are some of my favorite kitchen appliances… you know the ones I […]

Part III – “Pain Must Be Comforted”

This is Part III of my series about pain! How many parts will this series be? Not for sure…so let’s just wait and see what God downloads! His grace is definitely sufficient as He so desires to set us free! :)  As adults we have a way of rationalizing the pain from our past. Read more in  “Pain Distorts Truth” part I. But what about the little girl […]

Part II – “Pain Must Be Embraced”

  Painful past… Embracing emotional pain can be very painful indeed. Besides, who in their right mind wants to do such a thing anyway?  Coming face to face with the pain of our past is a must if we truly desire freedom in our lives and the lives of those around us.  Yes it takes time, guts and courage to face the truth […]

Probed on Twitter!

  Welcome to the Twitter world! Ok I’m hooked! Yes I have become a tweeter on twitter! While racing in the twitter stream the other day, (what a place to get “probed” in your thinking!)  I read a “question for the day” by J.Sewell Perkins a Life and Business Development Coach. You meet all kinds of incredible  and challenging people […]