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7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse Day 4: 3 Simple Changes Anyone Can Make!

Here are 3 Simple Changes Anyone Can Make during this 7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse! But before I just give them to you, I want to introduce to you a very… Special friend and blog guest – Rae’Donna Cunningham! Rae’Donna is from the Kansas City, Mo area and came to Sarasota to visit Bob and I […]

7 – Day Soul Cleanse: Day 5 – A Renewed Soul

A renewed soul doesn’t happen over night. It’s a process. Isn’t it? It takes daily commitment, time and perseverance to mature in this area. It’s a journey so enjoy! Our soul will reflect whom we serve. Our soul will reflect what we believe. Our soul will reflect what we say to ourselves and about ourselves. […]

7-Day Chia Challenge – Day 7: Blueberry Chia Cheesecake

DAY 7 CHIA CHALLENGE – taking chia to the next level!  What an amazing 7-Day Chia Challenge this has been! I hope you have been challenged these past 7 days and have learned a lot about chia. I sure have! If you are new to this Chia Challenge you will want to click over and check […]

3 DAY CLEANSE: DAY 1 – Discovering Treasures!

3 Day Cleanse… here we go! To kick us off, I created a special video just for you! I figure, what better place to begin these next 3 days then the beach at Longboat Key, Sarasota Florida! I want to challenge you to dream BIG! The God of the UNIVERSE wants to dream BIG in […]

Session III – “The Bride Awakens….What Does She See?”

 Oh my… do you remember your first morning waking up as a new bride? Or perhaps for some of you it is only in the dreaming stages as you are not even married yet!   Now I know this sounds strange but after being married to Bob for about a year, I can remember waking up […]

Session I – “A Peek into the Bridal Chamber”

In the earlier post I gave an overview of what a “Sweet Encounter” is all about! Now let me give you a “taste” of what unfolds in our  first Session of the greatest love song ever … Song of Solomon! We will observe: * Historical background * Three popular views * The value of journaling a […]

My Favorite Kitchen Appliances… Natural Zing has it all

I just received an email from Natural Zing!!! The first four affiliates who post a product review will win a spiral slicer!!! I am so excited that I can’t type fast enough! I have been wanting a spiral slicer forever!!! I am asked over and over what are some of my favorite kitchen appliances… you know the ones I […]