7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 1 – YELLOW

Today’s Rainbow Cleanse color YELLOW symbolizes… joy, sunshine, and happiness! To get your day started with joy, sunshine & happiness… 1. Choose your level of cleanse: (for one, two or all of your meals). 1. Yellow smoothie for breakfast 2. Yellow raw or steamed cut up veggies 3. Yellow juices *** For a detailed guideline of these […]

Shake Up Your Smoothie With This One Unique Ingredient!

Shake up Your Smoothie With This One Unique Tasting Ingredient!  You know me, I am always for adventure and trying new things. So be adventurers with me and shake up your morning by trying this one very unique ingredient in your next blended drink! It’s a super food. It will give your morning shake a mega […]

Smoothie Celebration Recipe #2- Ginger Vanilla Frosty

Smoothie celebration at it’s best with today’s special smoothie ingredient – fresh ginger! But before I share my “Ginger Vanilla Frosty” recipe with you, let’s talk ginger. Fresh, spicy, and pungent ginger! Did you know… Ginger is an herb? (that is new to me!) Helps prevent motion sickness (even better than over the counter products!) Helps […]