Kefir Baby Smoothie – Goes Green

Kefir grains – go green (at least in my kitchen)!   We are lovin our home-made water kefir grains so much that I now call them my “kefir babies”! 🙂 Just look how nice and plump they are… and the taste? Well, they are mild in taste and the texture is like steamed cauliflower but a bit chewier.  (I would […]

Grapple Juice for Your Valentine!

A Valentine treat that’s healthy & sweet! Ok… so the Valentine name might be a bit quirky but it works! The soured taste from the grapefruits and the sweetness from the apples & strawberries makes for a perfect early morning combo for your sweetie – especially today – Valentines Day (with no added calories either)! So easy to make too. […]

Strawberry Smoothie – 3 Simple Steps

A Strawberry Smoothie that is so easy to make! This Strawberry smoothie consists of only 3 simple steps with 3 simple ingredients; nut milk, strawberries & bananas. How simple is that!  Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought this festive smoothie would tickle anyone’s whiskers. Ha. Well actually this festive pink smoothie is […]

Body & Soul cleanse Day 8 – Speed of Detoxification

soul cleanse

Body & Soul Cleanse Day 8 – The Speed of Detoxification Here is my soul cleanse and a course of action! Controlling my speed of detoxification is one amazing tip I have learned during my cleansing experiences! I can control how quick or how slow I choose to detoxify. Here’s a simple “six step” course of action that can help […]