Day 27 – I Want to Quit!

Yes my flesh is screaming and I just want to QUIT– calling an end to this fast! I only have 3 more days left but who cares. I am edgy, irritated, and snippy and getting really tired of veggie broths, kefir water, coconut water, herbal teas and juices. BORING… BORING… BORING! Besides they are all leaving a NASTY taste in my mouth. Nothing […]

Day 17 – “Is Your Heart Circumcised?”

In my last post, “Words…What Do Yours Communicate?” God was dealing with my MOUTH and is not done today on Day 17! The only difference is He is just going a bit deeper and dealing with my heart – the place my words come from!  “Kelly Parr… It’s time for a circumcision – circumcision of your heart!” Yes… circumcision is a painful experience, but […]