Kefir Baby Smoothie – Goes Green

Kefir grains – go green (at least in my kitchen)!   We are lovin our home-made water kefir grains so much that I now call them my “kefir babies”! 🙂 Just look how nice and plump they are… and the taste? Well, they are mild in taste and the texture is like steamed cauliflower but a bit chewier.  (I would […]

Grapple Juice for Your Valentine!

A Valentine treat that’s healthy & sweet! Ok… so the Valentine name might be a bit quirky but it works! The soured taste from the grapefruits and the sweetness from the apples & strawberries makes for a perfect early morning combo for your sweetie – especially today – Valentines Day (with no added calories either)! So easy to make too. […]

Day 27 – I Want to Quit!

Yes my flesh is screaming and I just want to QUIT– calling an end to this fast! I only have 3 more days left but who cares. I am edgy, irritated, and snippy and getting really tired of veggie broths, kefir water, coconut water, herbal teas and juices. BORING… BORING… BORING! Besides they are all leaving a NASTY taste in my mouth. Nothing […]

Day 17 – “Is Your Heart Circumcised?”

In my last post, “Words…What Do Yours Communicate?” God was dealing with my MOUTH and is not done today on Day 17! The only difference is He is just going a bit deeper and dealing with my heart – the place my words come from!  “Kelly Parr… It’s time for a circumcision – circumcision of your heart!” Yes… circumcision is a painful experience, but […]

Body & Soul cleanse – Day10 “Keep on Cheering”

Marcia does it again! Day three of this “Body and Soul Cleanse” we talked about “team work” and cheering each other on. Oh my… where would we be if we didn’t have each other to cheer one another on! Here is another amazing juice created by Marcia that will motivate you to rev up your juicer right now! Grab yourself  … *2 […]

Body & Soul cleanse Day 8 – Speed of Detoxification

soul cleanse

Body & Soul Cleanse Day 8 – The Speed of Detoxification Here is my soul cleanse and a course of action! Controlling my speed of detoxification is one amazing tip I have learned during my cleansing experiences! I can control how quick or how slow I choose to detoxify. Here’s a simple “six step” course of action that can help […]