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10 Health Benefits of Kimchi [and why you should eat it]!

The Health Benefits of Kimchi are Amazing! Actually the health benefits of any fermented foods are amazing (and endless too)! But first… What is Kimchi? Kimchi is a Korean staple made of fermented vegetables (primary cabbage and/or radish) and a variety of spices. Generally it has a spicy and sour taste with a very strong […]

Fermented Foods Rule #3: Make a Vegan Kimchi!

Vegan kimchi.. I discovered how to make it! France is known for their cultured foods such as wine and cheeses, Japan for their cultured pickles and miso, while Korea…. Korea is known for their hot & spicy Kimchi! But I wanted a vegetarian alternative! Is there such a thing as a vegan kimchi – without […]

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Fermenting Foods Rule #1: Don’t Be Intimidated!

Fermenting foods is so simple. Don’t be intimidated! This lacto-fermentaion process is not a lot of work like canning where you have to boil, sterilize and wear rubber gloves! All you need to get started fermenting is salt, vegetables and water! Before we dive into the fermented cabbage & carrots recipe first lets ask… Why […]

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Fermented Salsa – How to Make Your Own!

Fermented Salsa – How to Make Your Own! It couldn’t be any easier!  After two days of my salsa fermenting, I barely cracked opened the jar and the aroma of little Mexico filled my kitchen! I’m hooked! The taste of home-made fermented salsa is unbelievable, not to mention the health benefits from the fermentation process […]

Kefir Baby Smoothie – Goes Green

Kefir grains – go green (at least in my kitchen)!   We are lovin our home-made water kefir grains so much that I now call them my “kefir babies”! 🙂 Just look how nice and plump they are… and the taste? Well, they are mild in taste and the texture is like steamed cauliflower but a bit chewier.  (I would […]

I Won a Fermented Veggie Master!

I Won a Fermented Veggie Master! I won a fermented veggie master and my first thought was “I won a what”?  A few months back, Marillyn of “Just Making Noise” had a contest and was giving away a one gallon “Fermented Vegetable Master”!  Yes you heard me…  a Fermented V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E  Master! I jumped at the opportunity to enter Marillyn’s […]