10 Health Benefits of Kimchi [and why you should eat it]!

The Health Benefits of Kimchi are Amazing! Actually the health benefits of any fermented foods are amazing (and endless too)! But first… What is Kimchi? Kimchi is a Korean staple made of fermented vegetables (primary cabbage and/or radish) and a variety of spices. Generally it has a spicy and sour taste with a very strong […]

Kefir Baby Smoothie – Goes Green

Kefir grains – go green (at least in my kitchen)!   We are lovin our home-made water kefir grains so much that I now call them my “kefir babies”! 🙂 Just look how nice and plump they are… and the taste? Well, they are mild in taste and the texture is like steamed cauliflower but a bit chewier.  (I would […]

I Won a Fermented Veggie Master!

I Won a Fermented Veggie Master! I won a fermented veggie master and my first thought was “I won a what”?  A few months back, Marillyn of “Just Making Noise” had a contest and was giving away a one gallon “Fermented Vegetable Master”!  Yes you heard me…  a Fermented V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E  Master! I jumped at the opportunity to enter Marillyn’s […]