What is a “Sweet Encounter?”

Think…romance, romance, romance!   A Sweet Encounter is a room decorated extravagantly with fresh-cut flowers, candles, perfumes, and spices along with the sound of soft music filling the air. Tables are draped in lace and overflowing with platters of apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges, pears, and pomegranates. Bowls are filled to the brim with mixtures of dates, nuts, figs, […]

Emotional Pain Must Be Embraced – part 2

  Emotional pain from our past must be embraced.  But in order to embrace it we must first recognize we have it! Embracing emotional pain is very painful indeed. Besides, who in their right mind wants to do such a thing anyway?  Coming face to face with the pain of our past is a must if we truly desire freedom in our lives and […]